Thursday, February 27, 2014

'Can You Keep Me Out of Hell' by Technicolor Teeth

By Jason Duarte
Tour Cassette: Accidental Guest Recordings
Rating: 5/5

Somewhere inside of my head is the perfect soliloquy describing this album. I'll mutter pieces of it to myself while in the shower on a cold weekend morning with the water running as hot as I can stand it, drawing the oil from my skin and leaving it red and tender. More words will come to me between dreams, when I systematically wake up between 4 and 5 a.m. every morning without reason.
The music is the dark startling truth dancing between the half-confident verbal advances one makes on a first date. It's the sound a supernova makes, but is never heard. It's mostly energy, ebbing and flowing through obstacles in space. 'Can You Keep Me Out of Hell' is catchy in very much its own way. It embodies elements of shoegaze, pop, punk and experimental music, creating something unique to itself and not coincidentally, strangely beautiful. The band features Amos Pitsch of Tenement on drums. This album will be sold exclusively on the Technicolor Teeth's spring tour, via cassette. See the tour dates here and below:

Stream the album below: