Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Up All Night' by The Van Buren Boys

By Kevin Toomey
Rating: 5/5

Local power-poppers The Van Buren Boys are back with a second full-length album, Up All Night. The band sounds tighter than ever on this album and it’s apparent from the first notes that the whole group improved since its debut. The first thing I noticed about this album was how good the vocals sound. Lead singer Tyler Hansen has been working on his singing and it shows. The backups and harmonies sound great too, which really helps the songs on Up All Night rise above the one-dimensional sound Six String Love had. Listen to “Don’t Wanna Stop” or “Run Around” to see what I mean.
The new album doesn't sound as jam packed with riffs and fancy guitar work, which is a good thing. The Van Buren Boys are good with their instruments but they let the songs on Up All Night speak for themselves rather than hit you over the head with a 'look-what-I-can-do' mentality that crams as much as possible into a song. That’s not to say that the songs are lighter; just a bit more subtle and more natural sounding. The creamy guitar leads combined with the vocal harmonies are catchy as hell and I can’t recommend this record enough. Up All Night is a great sophomore effort and shows a lot of promise for The Van Buren Boys. Stream/download Up All Night at the band’s Bandcamp page and be sure to check out our review of Six String Love here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

'The Outsiders' EP by The Outsiders

By Kevin Toomey
Underground Communique Records
Rating: 2.5/5

After a casual first listen, I didn’t have much to say about the seven songs on this EP. The songs sound like they could be a mix of Banner Pilot and Against Me! but fail to capture the spirit and energy of either band. The songs presented here are from a few different recording sessions and the disjointedness shows.
The first track starts with a breakdown and takes more than 30 seconds to build into anything substantial and right when it seems to end, it sort of picks up again; a couple of times. The rest of the tracks don’t flow that well into each other, but that might just need to be worked out in sequencing. I think the best track is “Bonships and Friendfires” and it’s on here twice. The live version at the end of the EP is a hint at what The Outsiders might sound like live, and based on the live track, The Outsiders might be worth checking out if they come through your town.
Check out the band's Bandcamp page to hear some of their other releases and Underground Communique's Bandcamp page to stream/purchase a digital copy of the EP for $3. The CDEP is available at Underground Communique Records for $5 and at Interpunk for $6.

Track listing:
1. "The Beginning of the End"
2. "Walk Away"
3. "Crazy Jenkem Party"
4. "Bonships and Friendfires"
5. "Sleeper"
6. "Finding Reason"
7. "Bonships and Friendfires" (Live)


I'm getting rid of a bunch of records. Some you might like, some you might not. The bids mostly start at $0.01 with $3.99 shipping. Here's the list and link:

Rupert Hine/Cy Curnin - "With One Look (The Wildest Dream)"
Frank Mills - "The Poet and I" b/w "
Gary Lewis & the Playboys - "Everybody Loves a Clown" b/w "Time Stands Still"
Robin Ward - "Dream Boy" b/w "Wonderful Summer"
Roger Williams - "Take Care" b/w "Autumn Leaves"
The Caravelles - "The Last One To Know" b/w "You Don't Have To Be a Baby"
Bill Haley & Haley's Comets - "Fractured" b/w "Pat-A-Cake"
Jan & Dean - "Heart and Soul" b/w "Midsummer Night's Dream"
Dionne Warwick - "(Theme From) Valley of the Dolls" b/w "Alfie"
Christmas Hymns & Carols sung by the Canterbury Choir 7'' box set
Herman's Hermits - "For Love" b/w "Door Swings Both Ways"
The Dell-Vikings - "How Can I Find True Love" b/w "Come Go"
The 4 Seasons - "Stay" b/w "Goodnight My Love"
Bobby Vee - "Everyday" b/w "Rubber Ball"
Paul Anka - "Lonely Boy" b/w "Your Love"
Herman's Hermits - "Sea Cruise" b/w "Just a Little Bit Better"

AKAs (Are Everywhere), The - White Doves & Smoking Guns (sealed)
Avalon, Frankie - S/T
Bad Company - Desolation Angels
Baker, Chet - Quietly There
Blues Project, The - S/T
Buckinghams, The - Greatest Hits
Campbell, Glen / Gentry, Bobbie - S/T
Carpenters, The - Now & Then
Casualties, The - Die Hards (picture disc)
Chicago - IX: Greatest Hits
Dave Clark Five, The - Having a Wild Weekend
Davis, Mac - Baby Don't Get Hooked
Denver, John - Poems, Prayers & Promises
Diamond, Neil - Double Gold (2xLP)
Diamond, Neil - Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Gary Lewis & the Playboys - A Session With Gary Lewis & the Playboys
Gary Lewis & the Playboys - New Directions
Gary Puckett & the Union Gap - Greatest Hits
Gary Puckett & the Union Gap - S/T
Grant, Amy - Unguarded
Jones, Jack - Greatest Hits
Laine, Frankie - The Frankie Laine Collection
Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band - Blues On the River
Lopez, Trini - Live at Basin St. East
McGuinn, Roger / Hillman, Chris Feat. Clark, Gene - City
Mamas and the Papas, The - Farewell To the First Golden Era
Murphey, Michael Martin - The Best of Michael Martin Murphey
Rabbit, Eddie - Horizon
Rich, Charlie - The Charlie Rich Collection
Richie, Lionel - Can't Slow Down
Rush - All the World's a Stage (2xLP live album)
See You Next Tuesday - Intervals (#680/1000)
Three Dog Night - Golden Bisquits
Tillotson, Johnny - S/T (autographed)
Vinton, Bobby - Greatest Hits
Walsh, Joe - But Seriously Folks...
Walsh, Joe - The Confessor
Young, Faron - Greatest Hits

Compilations / Box Sets:
Bacharach, Burt / Warwick, Dionne / Campbell, Glen - On the Move (Chevy promo album)
Big Chill soundtrack, The (Feat. Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, etc.)
Great Groups The (2xLP Feat. Tommy Dorsey, Pied Pipers, etc.)
Great Rock Revival, The (2xLP)
Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Hits, The (box set)
No. 1 Hits of the '60s, The (box set)
Original Oldies Vol. 11, The (Feat. Beach Boys, Richie Valens, etc.)
Philharmonic Orchestra, The - Verdi Aida Feat. Caballe, Domingo, Cossotto, etc. box set
Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day

The Steepwater Band - 10-Year Anniversary Gig @ Reggie's Rock Club, Chicago, IL

Dawn of the Dead (1998)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

'Taking Everything' 7'' by Tenement

By Jason Duarte
Toxic Pop Records
Rating: 5/5

Following its debut full length release, Napalm Dream, on Mandible Records, Tenement released the Taking Everything 7'' October 28 via Toxic Pop Records. The songs, "Taking Everything" and "Daylight World," were recorded at the same time as the songs for Napalm Dream, in the spring of 2010 at Howl Street Studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The first song, "Taking Everything," is a driving poppy melodic grunge/punk/rock tune about misinterpretation and coming up short and learning a lesson from it. Lead singer/guitarist Amos Pitsch does a real nice job of mixing rhythm and lead guitar together in one, and utilizing feedback as well. His riffs are catchy and not your standard chord progressions. I have to throw the drummer and bass player some props as well - they really carry the song. There's also a part in the song where it's just drums and vocals and it sounds awesome, as does the nifty guitar solo.

Side B features the upbeat tune, "Daylight World;" a song that starts out slow and folky before drums, bass and clarity kicks in. It sounds like a love song.
"When the clock stops, will you catch me in your arms? Today could be the day," Pitsch sings in the chorus.
Pitsch sounds like he's trying to coax a girl out of the house, so they can be outside together and go for walks before the weather gets "cold and dark again." There's an element of a deadline thrown in there, giving it a sort of urgency, but the music remains steady and upbeat yet calm and collected. This 7'' is available from Toxic Pop Records for $5 and comes with a download code with two bonus tracks ("Paper Airplanes" and "Jesse's Poem"), and the digital copy with two extra tracks is available on Tenement's Bandcamp site for $5 as well. Also check out Kevin Toomey's July review of Napalm Dream here.

Pressing Info:
First pressing: 10 test pressings, 10 "blood in the water" red/black/clear transitionals, 100 clear vinyl, 390 black vinyl.

Taking Everything 7'' track listing:
A. "Taking Everything" (2:28)
B. "Daylight World" (2:00)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Beavis and Butthead: Season 9, Episodes 3 and 4, "Drones" and "Holy Cornholio"

Check out last night's episode, "Drones," where Beavis and Butthead mistake military drones as GTA: San Andreas and start flying them into things such as sheep, which they think are prostitutes wearing fur coats.

And the second one, "Holy Cornholio," where Beavis becomes the leader of a spiritual cult. He needs all the TP for his bunghole.

A sneak peek of episode 5 can be seen here, where Beavis and Butthead go on a 30-day fast food eating binge in order to try and make money and score with chicks.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beavis and Butthead: Season 9, Episode 2 stream/Episode 3 sneak peek

So last week's episodes, "Daughter's Hand" and "Tech Support" were hilarious. So many good jokes packed into so little time. I am so happy they are back. Here is the full episode for your viewing pleasure. Uh huh huh, pleasure.

And here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's episode:

Wish I could write more about these, but I gots to get back to work.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alkaline Trio announces New Years at the Metro

Been thinking about what you're going to do this year to ring in 2012? The Metro announced today that Alkaline Trio will take the stage on December 31 before midnight. The show starts at 10:30 p.m. (doors at 9 p.m.) and openers have not yet been announced. Tickets are $61 in advance and will go on sale Saturday, November 5 at noon. The show is restricted to 18+, and 21+ show-goers will ring in the new year with 'The Champagne of Beers' at midnight. Those who attend will also receive an exclusive limited edition poster commemorating the event. This will be the first time Alkaline Trio has played the Metro since August 2, when the Trio shared the stage with the Smoking Popes and River City Extension. Check the link above for pictures and the night's set lists (Alkaline Trio and Smoking Popes). This'll also be some way to ring out the band's 15-year anniversary and ring in their 16th. What do you think they'll close with?

Missed FEST 10? So did I.


Mikey Erg:
Watch live streaming video from altpress at

The Flatliners:

Against Me! (1/2):

Against Me! (2/2):

The Arrivals - "Simple Pleasures In America":

Dillinger Four - "Gainesville":

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (1/2):

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (2/2):

Teenage Bottlerocket (1/5)

Teenage Bottlerocket (2/5)

Teenage Bottlerocket (3/5)

Teenage Bottlerocket (4/5):

Teenage Bottlerocket (5/5)

The Dopamines (1/5):

The Dopamines (2/5):

The Dopamines (3/5):

The Dopamines (4/5):

The Dopamines (5/5):

Dear Landlord (1/4):

Dear Landlord (2/4):

Dear Landlord (3/4):

Dear Landlord (4/4):

A Wilhelm Scream - "The Rip":

'Ah, young love'

MTV has a sneak peek for this Thursday's episode of Beavis and Butthead, where the duo appears to be courting a woman. Judging by Beavis's "boi-oi-oing," I'm not sure that what they want with her hand is marriage. He also said, "She's got two of 'em," when Anderson told them only one of them could win her over. I'm intrigued, but still not so sure what episode 2 is about. Either way, I've been excited since episode 1 ended. This should be good. Tune in at 9 p.m. central time Thursday to MTV and watch the sneak peek here: