Monday, November 21, 2011

'The Outsiders' EP by The Outsiders

By Kevin Toomey
Underground Communique Records
Rating: 2.5/5

After a casual first listen, I didn’t have much to say about the seven songs on this EP. The songs sound like they could be a mix of Banner Pilot and Against Me! but fail to capture the spirit and energy of either band. The songs presented here are from a few different recording sessions and the disjointedness shows.
The first track starts with a breakdown and takes more than 30 seconds to build into anything substantial and right when it seems to end, it sort of picks up again; a couple of times. The rest of the tracks don’t flow that well into each other, but that might just need to be worked out in sequencing. I think the best track is “Bonships and Friendfires” and it’s on here twice. The live version at the end of the EP is a hint at what The Outsiders might sound like live, and based on the live track, The Outsiders might be worth checking out if they come through your town.
Check out the band's Bandcamp page to hear some of their other releases and Underground Communique's Bandcamp page to stream/purchase a digital copy of the EP for $3. The CDEP is available at Underground Communique Records for $5 and at Interpunk for $6.

Track listing:
1. "The Beginning of the End"
2. "Walk Away"
3. "Crazy Jenkem Party"
4. "Bonships and Friendfires"
5. "Sleeper"
6. "Finding Reason"
7. "Bonships and Friendfires" (Live)

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