Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alkaline Trio/Smoking Popes/River City Extension at Metro, Chicago 8/2/2011

All photos by Jason Duarte for Squid Pro Quo

Last night was the second of a two-night Metro stint Alkaline Trio played with the Smoking Popes with River City Extension. I walked in before the Smoking Popes took the set. The day was really hot. Paul McCartney's voice didn't fill Clark Street. The Metro was sticky. Just standing there encouraged sweating and discomfort. It was all worth it. So here's the beef.

Smoking Popes Set List:
Before I'm Gone
Waiting Around
If You Don't Care
No More Smiles
Gotta Know Right Now
How Dangerous
Let's Hear It For Love
Writing a Letter
Brand New Hairstyle
I Know You Love Me
Not That Kind of Girlfriend

Alkaline Trio Set List:
In Vein
Private Eye
Snake Oil Tanker
Blue Carolina
Cooking Wine
Hating Every Minute
Old School Reasons
All On Black
I Lied My Face Off
Trouble Breathing
Calling All Skeletons
San Francisco
This Could Be Love
I Remember a Rooftop [Dan acoustic]
Clavicle [Matt acoustic, full band]
You've Got So Far To Go [Dan acoustic]
Blue In the Face [Matt acoustic]
Olde English [Matt acoustic, full band]
I Held Her In My Arms [Violent Femmes cover/with the Smoking Popes]

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