Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 37th anniversary to The Ramones for playing its first show at CBGB

On this day in 1974, The Ramones played its first show at CBGB in Manhattan, NY. I've never seen The Ramones, but I have been to CBGB in 2005, before it closed its doors for good. It was sad to see it go even having never experienced what it was in its heyday. The Ramones will always be one of my favorite bands and one of the very few I will never see play live. Thirty-seven years ago today, The Ramones played this song for the first time at CBGB, and we're lucky that someone was in the audience filming. It's hard to believe "Judy Is a Punk" is that old of a song, but this is the first time of many The Ramones played it at CBGB:

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