Sunday, November 9, 2008

Robot Chicken Season Three DVD Review

Usually, when comic book nerds get together to play with action figures, it's at the national Comic-Con convention or in the privacy of their own place - and that's if they even open them, fearful that they'll decrease in value.

When you get a bunch of them together, throw in stop-motion photography and witty jabs at pop culture, you get Robot Chicken.

With each episode lasting only 11 minutes, the show gives the viewer a real short and sweet experience.

The episodes move fast and generally have no plot.

On the second disk of the Season 3 DVDs, we see Paris Hilton throw up in bed saying, "I love sex and Johnny Walker!" to which the camera reveals Jimmie Walker, who coined "Dy-no-mite" from "Good Times." Following, is a newscast about celebrities going to rehab. In rehab are Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Hilton, all of whom are actually aliens, fueled by alcohol with a mission to destroy the human race.

Paris' assignment is to kill President Bush, and she is seen doing so - only it is George Bush Sr.

Barbara Bush jumps out and engages in a fight scene with Paris, ultimately breaking her neck with a roar of victory.

For anyone who knows enough about pop culture to follow it, but hates it at the same time, Robot Chicken is the perfect show.

It's one of those shows that makes you laugh out loud when you're alone.

One minute, Conan the Barbarian breaks out in song, the next minute, a gigantic carrot bursts from the ground and tears a rabbit to pieces. If everyday life of TV, the Internet and being fed constant advertisements hasn't given you attention-deficit disorder already, Season 3 of Robot Chicken will.

At the very least, it will leave you clucking with glee.

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