Friday, January 23, 2009

Naked Raygun - "All Rise" re-issue

In the mail, I just got Haunted Town Records' re-issue of Naked Raygun's "All Rise" LP. It sounds great - way better than the original recording.
"All Rise" has great classic Naked Raygun songs such as "The Strip," "Dog At Large," "Peacemaker," "New Dreams" and "Home of the Brave." Basically, most of the songs on the record are amazing (and sound amazing!), but a large portion of their live set consists of "All Rise" songs. It's nice to hear these songs polished up and on vinyl.

Haunted Town Records pressed 865 copies on green vinyl, 550 on white and then I don't know how many on black. Neither Vinyl Collective or Haunted Town's site has the info. for the black pressing.
On the original release of "All Rise," the track listing went:

1. Home of the Brave
2. Dog At Large
3. Knock Me Down
4. Mr. Gridlock
5. The Strip
6. I Remember
7. Those Who Move
8. The Envelope
9. Backlash Jack
10. Peacemaker
11. New Dreams
12. Slim
13. Rocks of Sweden

The new track listing is mostly the same, except instead of "Slim" then "Rocks of Sweden," it goes, "12. Vanilla Blue" then "13. Slim." Both those songs are off the "Vanilla Blue" 7''
"Vanilla Blue" is a great song, written by bassist Pierre Kedzy, but what's great about "Slim" is that the entire track consists of Slim Pickens quotes from my favorite Mel Brooks movie, "Blazing Saddles."
"God dang it, you use your tongue perdier than a 20-dollar whore!" And who can forget (especially in Illinois, relating to the Blagojevich tollways), "Somebody's got to go back and get a shitload of dimes!"
Yessir, all this can be found on the new re-issue of Naked Raygun's "All Rise." I can't wait for the next three Raygun albums to come out, as I can actually compare and contrast the original "Jettison" LP and "Understand?" LPs.

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Bill Raid said...

I'm sick of the vinyl craze bullshit of late but I really want this.