Thursday, May 26, 2011

'S/T' by Sore Subjects

By Kevin Toomey
Rating: 4/5
S/T 7''

Chicago three-piece, Sore Subjects, offers four songs in typical Ramones-inspired pop punk style on its debut EP. That is by no means a demeaning comment; Sore Subjects is very good at what it does. Unlike most bands that unabashedly ape The Ramones, Sore Subjects brings a better sense of humor than most Ramones-core ripoff bands do. The first track, “Gimme a Dee Dee,” is about going to the barbershop and asking for the Dee Dee Ramone bowl cut as a statement of teenage rebellion (kinda ironic since Dee Dee hated The Ramones' uniform look). “Sore Head” is a song that I’m finding constantly stuck in my head since it’s one of the catchier songs on the EP. “Tall Boys” is a creative ode to Old Style tall cans. I really like the lines, “Spend my time more bounce to the ounce/Doubling my intake now that it’s Krausened.” The last song is a catchy one about being friends with sideshow performer Schlitze Surtees, who appeared in the movie, Freaks. If this 7” is any indication, the first full-length album from Sore Subjects is going to be a good one. You can pick this EP up when Sore Subjects plays Panchos on June 2nd with The Transgressions, Flamingo Nosebleed and Prepare to Die.

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