Thursday, January 19, 2012

'Scum Again' 7'' by Scum Again

By Jason Duarte
Rating: 3/5

Scum Again is a relatively new four-piece Baltimore punk band, formed in 2010 by ex members of Warpriest, The Squints, Diablero, Mind As Prison and Plaguewielder. My first impression based on the cover art and the fact they are a punk band I've never heard of led me to believe they were part of the scummy, crusty-punk genre. I'd say they're a cross between that and '90s DIY punk bands like Crimpshrine and The Broadways.
"Mike's Job Application" is a short, crusty hardcore punk tune with scratchy, high vocals, but the vocals vary. "Damn, Corey Haim" is the best track on the EP because it's catchy, melodic and the music has a heavier, more progressive composure. All five are relatively short tunes, keeping in line with typical hardcore songs. This is a great 7'' for anyone interested in hardcore, DIY punk or old Leftover Crack-type street rock. The art is my favorite part (the back cover is cool too), and it's on gorgeous clear red vinyl. Stream the 7'' below. It's available via Grave Mistake Records, since Toxic Pop and Firestarter's websites have been down.

First pressing: 300 on red vinyl.

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