Sunday, February 26, 2012


Mondays inherently suck because of one thing and one thing only: work after a couple days of enjoying your life. So being the two loves of my life are music and writing, I'll be kicking off Wax Nostalgic Mondays tomorrow. Let me explain! I will peruse my collection of vinyl new and old, common and obscure, warped or get the idea. Instead of a straight-up review, it will be more of a personal narrative about the record like how it came to my possession, where I got it, why I love it (or hate it), etc. I'm not limiting this to punk, because if I were, most of you would probably own all the same stuff and wouldn't be interested. Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow for the first entry! My hope is to solicit comments from readers sharing their stories too.

Tune in tomorrow!

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