Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deep Sleep - "Three Things At Once" review

The first time I heard of Deep Sleep was when I saw them play at Reggie's in March with Psyched To Die and Dillinger Four. Like most people, I automatically hold all opening bands I've never heard or heard of to a higher standard because of that thing in the back of your mind that says, "You'd better be good cause I'm standing around here waiting to see ____."
Not that I'd boo 'em even if they were bad. But after their set, I was a fan.
Their energy combined with the speed and length (or lack thereof) of their songs were catchy, but rather than being "pop punk catchy," they had just the perfect amount of a hardcore touch.
I thought "Three Things At Once" was going to be about being born with three schlongs. Instead, it's a collection of three 7 inches. Heh. Heh heh heh.
So uh...this 21-incher rocks. There's also 21 songs. One inch a track? Anyway, the 21 tunes on here equal out to be 25 minutes and 6 seconds total, so that gives you an idea of the length of this CD.
The music itself was reminiscent of the Decendents actually, but faster and harder-edged.
I don't want a bunch of Descendents fans e-mailing me saying how they are nothing like the Descendents, I'm just saying they remind me of a fast Descendents with a twist of hardcore.
The lead singer was a great part of why I thought the band ruled because of how he would stand one foot on the monitors and lean into/above the crowd with the microphone and sing and jump around. His activity and passion about the music made it a lot of fun to not only watch, but listen to.
It sucks watching what's supposed to be a hardcore band or a punk band just stand there and do nothing and act like they're better than everything/everyone. Well, fuck that shit. Unless you're landlocked to a drum kit or a microphone while playing guitar, I think there's no reason why guitar players/singers (just singers) shouldn't move around and get shit a little bit exciting.
OK, OK, if you have a physical retardation, I'll accept that too.
Check out Deep Sleep on Grave Mistake Records and on MySpace. They'll be playing the Insubordination Fest pre-show this year too with Teenage Bottlerocket, so be sure to catch them then!

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