Monday, May 25, 2009

The Old Wives/The Blame Its Split 7'' review

So I get this piece of mail the other day from Canada. I was like, "What the fuck am I getting from Canada?" And right after I finished thinking those words, I thought, "Ohhh yeahhhh."
This thing rules. It's release #001 on Eat Shit and Die Recordings, a label run out of Canada and was released on May 8. It's also on white vinyl, might I add. Not sure of the pressing and all the collector/obsessive nerd details, but here goes.
The first track by The Old Wives is called "Losing All Control." At first I thought my stereo was fucked up or something, but it starts out all scratchy and low - a really cool effect for when they bring it up and start rocking.

My turntables' gears got to turning and I immediately thought the lead singer sounded like whats his face from Face To Face. Which rules, cause I'm a really big Face To Face fan. Well, a kinda big one since I can't think of the dude's name. But anyways, "Losing All Control" is a catchy tune. They're a pretty straight-up pop punk band but instead of singing love songs and having that vulnerable, sensitive air about them, they lean towards the slightly snotty, harder-edged pop punk.
"Shut Up" is about wanting to not hang out with (maybe ditching) a chick because all she does is talk and tell boring, stupid stories.
It's definitely the best song on the split between both bands. The Old Wives are one of those bands that are standard pop punk, yet original, catchy and good enough to have you singing along, appreciating the lyrics and at the very least, tapping your feet around.

The Blame Its were cool too, but the thing that bugged me about the album cover was that there was no hyphen between "Blame" and "Its." Which is cool, I don't care...too much.
Their first track was called "Beer and Anti-Depressants," which sounds pretty cool on the surface, but I didn't really hear anything about either one of those things in the song. His voice is a bit harder to hear than the dude from Old Wives. They are good though, kind of drawing an obvious vocal and instrumental influence from The Riverdales, Screeching Weasel and I wanna say just a pinch of Smoke or Fire/Banner Pilot there too. They are also pop punk, singing songs about inebriation (I think) and girls.
Speaking of girls, the second song is called "Wants To Can't Have," which I don't really understand and keep thinking it should be called "Want What I Can't Have" or something. Man, this band might be full of grammatical errors. Anyway, the opening bass parts are rad. There are a lot of group vocals, making it fun and like The Old Wives, tempting to sing along...if I could make out the words, that is.

The only complaint I have with this release is that there is no insert. It would be nice to have some lyrics and names with who does what. The lyrics for either band aren't exactly the easiest to make out. It's not Chinese Telephones hard, but it's not really easy either. All in all, I would say this is worth picking up, especially for The Old Wives side of it. "Losing All Control" and "Shut Up" are becoming instilled in my brain, making me want to hear more Old Wives because I can only listen to the same song so many times in one day without having a mental breakdown and involuntarily shitting my pants. Check out The Old Wives and The Blame Its from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! I bet they play shows together and hang out.

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