Saturday, February 26, 2011

Smoking Popes at Mojoe's in Joliet (2.25.11)

Photo by Gavin

I went to this show last night at Mojoe's in Joliet. It was a pretty decent crowd, but a smaller one, being in the burbs and all. My girlfriend and I arrived late, missing over half the set (a real bummer, but seeing 45 minutes of Smoking Popes for $12 is still well-worth it in my opinion). There were some drunken frat-type dudes, one of which grabbed me by the shoulders and tried shaking me. It was very awkward, as he just looked at me, holding my shoulders, smiling. It was very strange. My buddy, Neil Hennessy (drums) informed me that there's some art on the wall at Tony's on Belmont (near the Beat Kitchen) that was done by Jason Duarte. I accepted credit. Eli handed me his set list and I saw what I missed. I came in after they finished, "Punk Band," a song that'll be on its new album, "This Is Only a Test," coming out March 15 on Asian Man Records. I can't wait to see them in April in Palatine and hopefully at their record release show at the Double Door. Here was the set list from last night's show.

Set List:
Can't Find It
Wish We Were
If You Don't Care
No More Smiles
Long Day
How Dangerous
Waiting Around
Gotta Know
Writing a Letter
Punk Band
Megan (Josh solo)
College (Josh solo)
Pure Imagination (Josh solo)
Off My Mind
Need You Around
Pretty Pathetic
Brand New Hairstyle
I Know You Love Me
Not That Kind of Girlfriend

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