Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Descendents to play Riot Fest in Chicago October 8!

The recent buzz of Descendents shows had me all excited for the ideal situation - the Descendents coming and playing MY CITY. And whoa! They are! Stephen Egerton's website confirmed it. Though about a month or two ago, I saw a brief post on Fat Wreck's site, revealing the October 8 date, but it was quickly removed, due to a facebook buzz my friend Jerry Cola made about it. I suspect Riot Fest asked them to remove it, or the Descendents themselves. No matter! I will see them for the first time. The only problem now is waiting, and making SURE I don't somehow die or cripple myself before October 8. That would be some serious bullshit.


Kevin Kenealy said...

If you have an IPod, ITouch or IPad, you can download the Local Concerts App that lets you know whenever a band is playing within the year around town. By the way, like the site, will have to come back again!

Squid said...

Thanks, Kev! I'll check that out! Hope all's well with you!