Friday, March 25, 2011

Joe Queer on the Ben Weasel incident:

Most of us pop-punk fans have been following the Internet buzz following Screeching Weasel's SXSW show, where Ben Weasel punched two girls. Dan's dismissive hand wave at the end is my favorite part of that video. Anyway, Teenage Bottlerocket says they're out because they don't want to be associated with Ben/anyone who advocates violence and the Chinese Telephones, The Soviettes, Chixdiggit! and Kepi Ghoulie have all dropped out as well, for the same reason. Shot Baker and Banner Pilot have said they would still play. But, Vapid and the gang all quit the band as well so it looks like Weaselfest is off. Now here's what Joe Queer has to say about it:

"This whole Weasel thing is way out of hand. I mean come on and let's put this in perspective. The chick deserved a punch-unfortunately Ben gave it to her and not some other girl who would have been called a hero-but Ben's a monster. He doesn't advocate hitting chicks. I don't either. But as a lead singer in a punk band I know as well as anyone that sometimes you just fucking lose it with assholes onstage bugging you and causing trouble. This isn't Mother Teresa we're talking about here folks-it's a little troublemaker acting like she's a victim.Yeah I wish Ben had handled it differently-hell I'm sure he does. But everyone knows Ben isn't a guy who beats on chicks. Come the fuck on.
And after all Ben has done for the scene out there everyone jumps ship on him and all of a sudden he's persona non grata. I'm ashamed at all you people who could at least show him some support instead of acting all high and mighty and bailing out acting like you're some saint. Playing Weaselfest doesn't mean you condone hitting chicks for crying out loud. Talk about adding 2+2 and getting 5. Christ if Ben didn't start SW half you fuckers wouldn't even have a band. Ben's been around the scene for years-has he ever hit a chick before-no. Is he a guy who hates girls and beatson them-no. And you all fucking know it!@!Fuck you assholes who throw him under the bus like you're some righteous motherfuckers. Hey we've all fucked up-Ben has too. That doesn't mean he isn't my friend. I'm just glad it didn't happen to me-I honestly don't know how I'd react. For a chick to do that shit and then hide behind the fact she's a girl is bullshit in my book. In the old days-when a punk was a punk and not some self righteous asshole who doesn't dare to step out of line lest his Hot Topic earing punk pals make him conform to their rules-the crowd would have cheered when the chick got smacked.It's really nice at the first sign of trouble everyone bails out. Managers and booking agents and bands on Weaselfest. It's that herd mentality-everyone is terrified they do something that goes against the grain. Hey I don't advocate hitting chicks but everyone knows Ben doesn't either. You guys are all acting like you've never been to a punk show before. You people and bands who should know better too. In the heat of the moment he lashed out after getting spit directly in the face. Mother of God I pray it happens to all you do gooders out there. Let's see how cool you all are. The sad thing is Ben would be the first one sticking up for you too.

To all you bands out there-mainly those flying under the radar screen who can see thru the bullshit still instead of believing they're some self righteous do gooders-Thank you!! Right fucking on! We don't give a fuck what Fat fucking Mike-that rich bastard who has nothing whatsoever in common with his fans-says. Ben's my friend and he's done so much for the scene-he's our fucking friend and we're not abandoning him for one stupid incident at a punk show. You'd think he was throwing Jews in the oven at Aushcwitz the way these people are talking. And bands dropping off Weaselfesttoo-fucking A you pussy motherfuckers. Fuck you!! Talk about fair-weather friends. Boy this has shown me everything I need to know about a few people. You scumbag motherfuckers."

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mike damone said...

awesome!!! totally agree!!! vapid and the cheats suck ass too!!! weasel has played with vapid for how many years n dude bails on him and throws him under the bus at the time when friends/co-workers should be attesting to weasels character throughout the years!!!! sux donkeydicks cause RIVERDALES were/are something special!!! go to starbucks and get in touch with your feelings schaeffer cause thats where all skinny jeans gel in the hair scenesters smoke each others poles while they hang with their feminazi gal pals!!!