Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: Lipreader/Brick Mower @ Township, 4/17/12

By Jason Duarte

Nothing breaks up the work week like a weeknight show. Tuesday night, Lipreader, The Please & Thank Yous and Meat Wave joined forces with New Brunswick, NJ's Brick Mower, for a fun night of pop punk tuneage.
This was my first introduction to Meat Wave, which features local recording dude, Joe Gac. Their drummer was mesmerizing, and their hooks were memorable. The vocals and guitar reminded me of the Marked Men, but more electrified and gritty.
The Please & Thank Yous played next and belted out some new songs. According to singer/guitarist Geoffrey Schott, there's a finished new record, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Those dudes are always a good time live.
Brick Mower took the stage next, and killed it. They too, played some new songs, and existing favorites such as "Slow Too Fast." They were selling a tour-exclusive demo tape limited to 30, which has three of my new favorite Brick Mower songs. Much love was shown and their Chicago fanbase grew that night - just in time for their return on June 30 with Black Wine.
Lipreader closed out the night, playing songs off their Broken Heart Attack 7'' and some others I hadn't heard before. It's always cool seeing a drummer who's also the lead singer. The Ergs!, Phil Collins/Genesis come to mind. And The Eagles. And Black Wine actually. They played a solid set to their hometown friends and fans, and when the music was done, everyone was hanging out and mingling; buying merch, shaking hands and drinking beers. A damn good way to throw some fun into the workweek. Plus, BRICK MOWER SLUMBER PARTY!

Here's a dark video I shot of "Slow Too Fast," the last song of Brick Mower's set Tuesday night. Enjoy!

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