Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Industrial Park' 7'' by Industrial Park

By Jason Duarte
Release date: 4/10/2013
7'': Toxic Pop Records
Rating: 3/5

The first thing that came to mind when I opened this single up was, 'Joy Division.' The minimalist monochrome photograph doesn't beg for attention, but leaves a bit to be wondered. Not coincidentally, so does the music.

"Echoes" on side A has a steady, but dark, shoegaze progression from start to finish. There's a nice reverb effect on the vocals, which seem to intentionally not have much range, but without being uninteresting. Like the art, there's something that's left to wonder. Industrial Park could be a child between The Smiths, a less-bass-driven Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division and Sick Sick Birds.

Side B offers up a track titled, "May." It's an introspective minimalist and somewhat sorrowful jam. The lyrics are spaced out throughout the song, "
I can see you deep inside/I can hear you deep inside/And I'm broken deep inside/In pieces deep inside."

Both tracks on this 7'' defy time and typical song progressions. The songs go by very quickly, yet they're upwards of 3 minutes a piece. I'm interested in hearing the band's full-length. This is the type of music I can saunter pleasantly in, and these 6 minutes leave a good taste in my ears.

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