Thursday, November 4, 2010

Elginites The Brokedowns and Bust! host release in Chicago

Remember that band from our awesome city I was talking about a few weeks back? You should. They were called The Brokedowns.


All went as planned, and the band's debut album on Red Scare Records, "Species Bender," was released Tuesday, Sept. 14. This Saturday, Sept. 25, The Brokedowns will be hosting a release show for "Species Bender" at Ronny's (2101 N. California Ave.) in Chicago with fellow Elginites, Bust!, Vacation Bible School and The House That Gloria Vanderbilt and Double Bird, from Minneapolis.

It gets more like a party, now that I think of it; the show is a double record-release gig for both The Brokedowns and Bust! The Brokedowns have "Species Bender" (if I may be so redundant), but Bust! also is releasing "Suck Kuts" on a 10-inch LP.

I hope The Brokedowns play "I'm a Ritual" and "Done With Funk" off the new album. Actually, I hope they play the bass intro to "I'm a Ritual" before every song, and also at the end of every song, cause it rules. Anyway.

The show starts at 8 p.m. and is 21+. Go show Elgin's sound some love.


* The Brokedowns

* Bust!

* Vacation Bible School

* The House That Gloria Vanderbilt

* Double Bird

-- Jason Duarte, Freelance Writer

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