Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Former Marilyn Manson Guitarist Opens Black Hearts Bar & Grill in West Chicago, IL

Former Marilyn Manson and Life, Sex & Death guitarist, Zim Zum -
legally known as Timothy Michael Linton - is opening a restaurant
tomorrow in West Chicago called Black Hearts Bar & Grill.
The guitarist played in Marilyn Manson from 1996-1998. According to
his Wikipedia page, he was one of 150 applicants for the spot and one
of 15 to actually audition. His first music video appearance was in
Marilyn Manson's 1996 single, "The Beautiful People." He traveled with
the band during its 1996-1997 "Dead To the World" tour and played
guitar on the 1998 album, "Mechanical Animals." After parting ways
with Marilyn Manson, Linton told Guitar World Magazine that playing in
Marilyn Manson opened up new door and opportunities for him in music.
His current projects are Pleistoscene and The Pop Culture Suicides.
His restaurant's website, has no information as
of yet other than it is opening its doors tomorrow, Thursday, November
11. On Saturday, November 13, a band called Sik Fiction is set to
play, featuring ex-Chainwax singer, Kris Radousky.
Black Hearts Bar & Grill is located at 124 Main Street in West
Chicago, IL. I'll probably grab some lunch there sometime next week
while on break. I'm envisioning a black metal atmosphere with a
jukebox full of metal albums, old and new. I'm stoked to try it and
wondering what beer they'll have on tap. If they have buffalo wings,
it'll make my day. If they have a special on them, I probably won't go
back into work.

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Jessica Colon said...

Oh god hell where is the new address. the club the Black Hearts bar .. of Mr.ZimZum