Friday, April 8, 2011

The Arrivals - "Volatile Molotov"

By Chris Carlton
Rating: 2.5/5
Recess Records LP/CD

The Arrivals' newest album, "Volatile Molotov," features 13 world-conscious, anti-establishment songs about war, loneliness, getting back what you put in, remembering that life is short and that "it won't be long" before "the end!" The album kicks you in the face right from the jump with "Two Years." It's a strong song that reminds us that we need to take care of the planet before it's too late! This is pretty much the theme for the record that at times is filled with catchy hooks, solid riffs, and at other times just kind of bland. If every song was as strong musically and lyrically as "Two Years," this would be a very powerful album from start to finish.

But it falls flat in certain areas. The musicianship is undeniable, don't get me wrong; especially for a modern-day punk band. The music in certain songs evokes an Against Me! feel with a Clash lyrical sensibility. The only problem is, those bands did it better. There are a couple exceptions. Songs like "Children's Crusade" and "Front Line" deal with kids as martyrs and soldiers in a war they're too young to understand, yet are forced to fight. Joe Strummer and Tom Gabel would be proud. Another key track is "Water Water Everywhere", a song about going out and enjoying yourself, even just for a little while. The album ends with "Simple Pleasures In America." This very well could be the most uplifting track on the album. A nice little ditty about having fun while hating "on rich folks," and the simple pleasures in life like going for a bike ride, making someone smile and drinking whiskey. Now that's something I can raise a glass to! Unfortunately there's just too much gloom and not enough spark as a whole for this reviewer.


Songzoid said...

This reviewer is right on. Gimme more from Chris Carlton, he's top notch ans really knows his stuff

Squid said...

You got it. Check out his interview with Darren from The Scissors and his next review of the new Sundials album titled, "Never Settle!"