Thursday, April 21, 2011

Marky Ramone Pasta Sauce

Interesting. I'd like to try this Marky Ramone past sauce out. $88 ppd for a case of 12 jars. That doesn't sound like too bad of a deal, though I wish I could order an individual jar. I also wish it wasn't so novelty, because I know if I get one, I'm going to be weary of opening it. I guess that'd be gross. I should probably open it. Oh, and 10% of the proceeds beneift Autism Speaks. That's pretty cool.

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Chris said...

Being an advocate of Autism Speaks myself, I commend Marky for contributing a portions of the proceeds to help this amazing organization. I know Marky's nephew (C.J. Ramone's son) has Autism, as does my own son. And any help in finding a cure is greatly appreciated. April is Autism Awareness month. If we all pull together, maybe we can find a cure for this disease. And please remember, children with Autism are just as special and loving as others. They just need a little more understanding and help in certain areas.