Friday, June 24, 2011

Blink-182 unveiling a new song next month; fingers crossed it doesn't suck, but it probably will

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By Jason Duarte

So Tom DeLonge had this to say:

We have these songs that are total throwbacks, exactly what people know Blink is. Then we have songs…that are madly different and experimental, (and) songs that are prog-rock blink music, taking a blink song but (adding) stadium rock qualities to it. I really think we have a tremendous, diverse palette. We will have the album that I think is really modern and relevant to where we are in our career.”

Wow. Sound stadium rock much? I admit I do miss the old Blink stuff Dude Ranch and pre-Dude Ranch. Hell, even pre-Take Off Your Pants and Jacket I enjoy. I don't care how many punk points I lose by saying that. However, I'm excited yet skeptical of this new stuff they're coming out with. I remember that S/T album they came out with in 2004, and that was when they died to me. I used to love Blink and go to their shows whenever they came around Chicago back in high school, but then after I graduated high school, they released that shitty record then toured with No Doubt and I haven't seen or listened to anything they've done since. So anyways, if this is a throwback to old Blink, I'd be into it. If it's a continuation of where they left off; they're still dead to me. But I'll still probably go see them for old time's sake when they come to Tinley Park with My Chemical Romance just for the hell of it. The new song is tentatively called "Up All Night" and hopefully it's not a Records, Draft or Unwritten Law cover.

Blink's new song HAS been leaked and you can listen to it right here!

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