Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Broadways / Bomb the Music Industry / Ratasucia / Spraynard at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco

The Broadways / Photo by Jason Duarte

This afternoon, The Broadways played their reunion show at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. There were three mystery slots before The Broadways' set. Right before the show, I found out that Spraynard, Ratasucia and Bomb the Music Industry were the opening bands.
First up was Spraynard, whom I have never seen, but have their split with Sundials, and I really like both sides of that split. Seeing them was awesome, and I'm excited to hear more by them, and maybe see them live again if they ever come through Chicago in the future.
Up next was Ratasucia, featuring Dan Hanaway of The Broadways and Slapstick. I really liked them. They were pretty progressive awesome heavier punk rock. The three-piece also featured Chris Carr of the Honor System. After them was Bomb the Music Industry, whom I've never really listened to all that much, but I've seen their name everywhere lately, and I know they've developed quite the following. They were awesome. Very high energy. The lead singer jumped into the pit and lots of people were singing with him for a while. People were going pretty nuts for them, and they were great.
Up next were The Broadways. They opened with "What Happened?" It was insane. They played a solid set of 17 songs, finishing the encore with "15 Minutes." It scared the crap out of me actually. I thought they were totally done, but they came back and played "Fifteen Minutes," which was incredible. That is easily my favorite Broadways tune. Well, here's the set list. Enjoy!

The Broadways set list:
What Happened?
Everything I Ever Wanted To Know About Genocide, I Learned In the Third Grade For Free
The Kitchen Floor
Police Song
Not Necessarily the News
Broadway and Briar
Fuck You Larry Koesche, I Hope You Starve And Die Someday
Natural Disaster
We'll Have a Party
It Was Pancho Villa
Under My Belt
Lake Michigan
Rainy Day
The Nautical Mile
15 Minutes

Spraynard / Photo by Jason Duarte

Ratasucia / Photo by Jason Duarte

Bomb the Music Industry / Photo by Jason Duarte

The Broadways / Photo by Jason Duarte

The Broadways / Photo by Jason Duarte

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